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Emily is a master’s level psychotherapist (LPC),  licensed addiction counselor (LAC), certified medical assistant , yoga instructor, and sound healer that has a passion for integrative healing and mental health. She enjoys integrating her medical, psychological, and physiological knowledge and training to approach your well being with a holistic, whole person lens. She approaches mental health with a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model and will work hard to create a treatment plan that suits the individual at hand.

Her formal training and education includes Medical Assistant training , a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Biology, a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health from Naropa University, and many courses in Mind-Body Medicine and Biofeedback. She has been working in the mental health field since 2015 and general healthcare since 2011.

Emily has worked extensively with relationship dynamics, substance use disorders, mood disorders, severe mental illness, and crisis intervention and management. Her experience includes time spent working for Denver Health's Psychiatric Emergency Department, UCHealth's CeDAR: Center for Dependence, Addiction, and Rehabilitation, Valley View Hospital's Youth Recovery Center and Crisis Team, and Jefferson Center for Mental Health. Emily has also worked in emergency medicine and urgent care as an Medical Assistant over the years. 

Currently, Emily dedicates her time working in her private practice, teaching for university, and working at West Pines Psychiatric Hospital. She also enjoys hosting workshops and/or private events in which she can integrate all her modalities to create the ultimate healing experience for all. 


Holistic care is know as an approach to care that involves the whole being, rather than solely the physical and/or behavioral. For too long, many providers have ignored our full experience and being. It is crucial to consider our mind, bodies, and spirit when considering healing.  Some modalities that may be utilized or recommended for holistic healing are psychotherapy, supplementation /nutritional consultation, sound healing/therapy, acupuncture, massage, movement practices, meditation, and/or experiential exercises.  When creating a collaborative treatment plan, we may include one or many modalities to help support your healing journey. We firmly believe in a whole person approach as many factors play an integral role into your overall mental health and well-being.


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