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Sound Healing

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What is Sound Healing/ Therapy?

Sound therapy/ healing is when sound and vibration is utilized to impact your energy. We utilize  set of 7 crystal singing bowls to tap into our vibration as humans. Our bowls are tuned to 432 hz, which is known to help reduce anxiety and stress, calm the nervous system, and encourage a meditative state. It can also help with sleep and releasing blocked and/or trapped emotions/energy within the body. Some also note that sound can help heal physical ailments and assist with pain. 

Scientifically speaking, everything is made of energy and vibration. We  vibrate at an ideal frequency, and the sound/vibrations of the bowls help bring us back to this ideal frequency. The ultimate goal of sound healing is to being the body back to it's ideal state of resonance( it's natural ideal vibrational state). 

The experience can vary from person to person, but emotions and energy often may shift and you may notice strong sensations during the sound healing. You may find that certain bowls produce different reactions and this is normal. There is no right or wrong way to experience sound healing. 

Create Your Own Personalized Healing Event

We love to create special events that are specific to your needs. Personalized healing events may be created and booked based off needs and desires of the group. These may include yoga, meditation, chakra work, sound healing, and/or psychology based modalities. We can travel to your residence or location. Inquire for further details and pricing. Usual rates start at $150/ hour for groups under 10.

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